A redesign of an overloaded homepage in to a simple 'usable billboard'.


> Find a website that needs improving.

> Analyse what needs changing and why.

> Deliver a mockup to remedy problems.



> Sketched business objectives and user needs.

> Designed a much improved user flow.

> Mocked up a brutally simple landing page that carries far less cognitive load.



> Business objectives and user needs are front and centre.

> Visitors feel encouraged to explore rather than turned away.

User flow is smoother, experience more consistent, and design more contemporary.



Project Note:  This was not paid work, but an idea I've used to demonstrate my UXD process and skills.


The current pitchup.com homepage.

Homepage Review

The current homepage is a busy overload of information, choices, actions and immediate cognitive load for the user upon landing.

A quick breakdown of the homepage reveals just how much there is going on...


Quantifying just how much there is going on.

Sketching to the rescue...

Even quick sketching over simple things such as user needs and business objectives gave me some ideas for how to change the homepage from a place of bewilderment to encouragement.


Starting with what makes the business different.


And what the user really, mainly, primarily wants to do.

These needs can now be put front and centre on the homepage


Focusing on the important things.

And the complexity of refining searches can be introduced gradually in later pages


Delaying the full complexity and site nav.


Sketching the 'billboard'.


Options for site nav and layout.

With a brutally simple homepage leading to growing complexity, mockups can now be made...


A simple reassuring landing page leads to an initial search, which encourages the user to continue to the full breadth and depth of the site's complexity.

From 101 bewildering options for action upon landing...

...to a simple direction that unites users' needs with core business objectives.

PU-Final MockupPU-Final Mockup

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