Advanced Prototypes with Axure RP

As I can't show the work itself for my other folio projects, here I demonstrate the range of what's possible with Axure RP.

What I'm Known For

I detail my designer's toolbox on my main UXD page, but I'm most regarded for my advanced rapid prototyping in Axure RP.

I'm known for generating extremely advanced prototypes with a high level of interactivity and functionality.  

I use real data, design guides, component libraries and existing ecosystems so the experience of using my prototypes is as realistic - and thus, as testable - as possible for the user.

My Demo

Prototypes have many uses and therefore many varying standards of work.

I don't evangelise Axure RP, rather I just state that it's most flexible to the demands of what you need.

Does the project require a quick wireframe, or an in-depth fully functioning replica of the system itself? 

Axure RP caters to this range, and the best way to demonstrate what's possible is to view my prototype demo:

[unex_ce_button id="content_wojemj8zy" button_text_color="#ffffff" button_font="regular" button_font_size="20px" button_width="auto" button_alignment="center" button_text_spacing="0px" button_bg_color="#1992c6" button_padding="15px 60px 15px 60px" button_border_width="2px" button_border_color="#1992c6" button_border_radius="5px" button_text_hover_color="#1992c6" button_text_spacing_hover="2px" button_bg_hover_color="#ffffff" button_border_hover_color="#1992c6" button_link="" button_link_type="url" button_link_target="_blank" has_container="1" in_column=""]View Prototype Demo[/ce_button]

See my previous folio showcase:


Where my advanced prototyping made me "an essential team member" to their global innovation platform.

Or return to my UXD page for an overview of what I do, my vision and an example idea of my context-driven passion.