A single interface for the user’s day to make it simpler, smarter and smoother.


> Use my feature film experience to consult with developers.

> Reduce staff overtime.

> Increase staff morale.

> Facilitate a growing project load.



> Researched user needs and developer's business objectives.

> Produced wireframes to unite previously separate interfaces.

> Gave the user vital feedback of their day's tasks as a whole.



> Pinewood Studios management loved the cost saving potential.

> Staff really connected with a system tuned to the nature of their workload.

Continuous development of the system to refine user experience.



Project Note:  This was my first paid work as a user experience designer, and was the bridge for pivoting from my old career in to UXD.


Affinity mapping my feedback from Pinewood staff and management.


Graphing the tasks users do (vertical) against the programs they currently use (horizontal).


Drawing out the current work flow illustrated the build up of intense cognitive load.

User research and stakeholder interviews clearly revealed there was too much, across too many interfaces, for the user to keep track of, resulting in demoralised staff and high overtime costs.


Initial sketching of a Boostrap interfacing tying the user's various tasks together in one place.


After some sketching, the iterations of Bootstrap wireframes began


Login wireframe: the user immediately gets system and project status feedback.


Dashboard wireframe: one central hub for all of the user's daily concerns.


Ingest wireframe: what's due to, being, and has been copied in to the system.


Render wireframe: the same layout as Ingest to aid consistency.


Archiving wireframe: again, the same consistent layout to ease cognitive load between tasks.

When developing the wireframes, my two main principles were:

  • as much system feedback as possible

  • timely information in appropriate format

  • as much consistency between task interfaces as possible

So the users could feel human again, while the programs did the grunt work of grinding through the film dailies.

A better 'Daily Grind'...


After wireframing my way to user experience design, I studied at London's General Assembly to further my skills.

For my course project I applied my passion for context awareness to the issue of food waste that's costing the UK public £12.5bn a year...


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