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June 10, 2015 - 1 comment.

Website iterations

After gathering feedback from my initial launch, I'm spending this week updating and finalising my website.

The changes are mainly in the landing page and the top of each work page.

For the landing page, it's an incredibly hard juggling act between welcoming the user, seeming professional and reassuring in the 'five second test', and directing them to start reading my story asap.

Each story panel / work tease is now text over a smaller image.  The text itself teases on the brief/role/outcome for each project, and hopefully the effect is a simpler, neater experience.

A benefit of doing it this way is it employs Semplice's dot-nav, so the user has a better idea of where they are on the homepage.

For the work pages, I've simplified the brief/role/outcome in to bullet point form and put that above the final-mockup.  Also, the synopsis is now just a single line.

There's still more to do, the Fate project needs finalising, but it's been great to launch and iterate the site so far.


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