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Honeymoon highlights

A quick 2 minute video highlighting our travels through the most wondrous country:

My wife and I are still working through our thousands of photos, and the broader hobby-project of a 30-minute travel documentary remains my aim, but in the mean time I've made this short video to say thank-you to our wonderful tour guides.

In terms of the video quality, I was quite fast-and-loose with the colour grading (though I love processing photos in Lightroom, grading video is not something I'm practiced at) and after some quick tests I think I'll pay for a Vimeo account for my actual documentary as Vimeo does seem to uphold quality better.  But for the purposes of a highlight video and getting shared to people to publicise the tour group, I went with YouTube and the quality is okay.

Now, back to those photos...

p.s. See my earlier blog post for a guide on getting the best out of your GoPro (which some of the above video was shot with).

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