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Better photo sharing in WhatsApp

And just like that, almost two years later, I write another blog post...

Here's something that may annoy you as much as it annoys me:  receiving a stream of several photos in a WhatsApp message.

I spent a short while prototyping a simple album solution, and you can try it out here.

An example of an Album being shared in WhatsApp instead of a stream of several single photos

Albums in WhatsApp!

I have been meaning to write more posts since my last, about all things UX, or finally finishing my honeymoon film, or photography generally, but have found myself using Twitter more and more for quick, er,  "micro-blogging" as it was once called.

But at last I had the time and inclination to try and prototype a solution to something that bugs me (and from a brief ask around at the office, a few other people too).

I resisted using WhatsApp for a long while, loving my Textra SMS app or Google Hangouts, but I now find it a great messaging app ... except when your message thread is flooded with a stream of several photos.

The uninvited notifications, data usage, and interruption in the message thread itself is really annoying.

(It's interesting, I barely use Facebook at all now, and more and more it seems WhatsApp is being used as a 'close-knit' family and friends network, rather than just simple messaging.  Will WhatsApp have to develop in to a fully fledged platform rather than solely messaging?)

So why not combine multiple photos (say, more than three) into an album that is shared in a single message instead?  People can then view photos as they wish, without thread being filled with a gazillion photos.

I prototyped this in Axure RP, and you can see more of my Axure work in my demo via my UXD page.

It works on mobile, best in Chrome, and you can try my 'WhatsAlbum' prototype here!


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